The Pick of the Best: Child Friendly Ski Resorts

Guest post from Alpine Infusion

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A ski holiday is a sure-fire way to delight little ones. From taking their first tumble in the snow, to exploring the slopes - a family ski trip is a great way to satisfy inquisitive minds.

Luckily, Europe is home to some fantastic child-friendly ski resorts with a range of skiing options for all abilities and a whole host of off-piste family fun.

Here’s our top pick of the best ski resorts for children.

Kid's Animal Themed Skisuit

Make Magical MemorieS IN MERIBEL

What makes Meribel a good choice for families is the welcoming atmosphere, child-friendly restaurants and high quality ski schools.

With its ‘famille plus’ status, Meribel is a ski resort dedicated to providing amazing holiday experiences for families.

In terms of skiing, Meribel is home to several specially dedicated ski areas for children of all ages to explore. With fun themes, such as the Inuit village and the wooded wildlife area, there are plenty of fun games and activities to keep little ones occupied. These areas also offer a chance for children to gain confidence on the snow and build up skiing techniques in a safe environment.

Away from the slopes, there are plenty of family-appropriate activities to enjoy. From ice skating to bowling and swimming- ‘I’m bored’ isn’t likely to be a phrase mentioned here!

Despite being perfectly suited to children, adults won’t feel left out in this resort. A beautiful alpine setting and excellent restaurants and bars make Meribel a destination to be savoured by all ages.

Kid's Animal Themed Skisuit
Kid's Animal Themed Skisuit

Child-Friendly Courchevel

Although Courchevel is often hailed as the glamourous ski destination for the rich and famous, this image tends to ignore the fact that it’s also a great place to take little ones.

Two of the main reasons that Courchevel is great for families are the excellent ski schools and the high quality of child care on offer.

The lower skiing areas are smaller, quieter and more suited to a family ski trip. The more intimate ski area allows parents or ski instructors to keep a close eye, giving children a little more freedom as they progress.

For added safety, you can hire a magnetised vest to keep your child secure on the chairlifts!

It would be a waste not to mention the upscale drinking and dining opportunities around Courchevel. And with reliable childcare so readily accessible, adults can enjoy a rare child-free night out!

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Explore the Gentle Slopes in La Tania

Another great option for families is La Tania. Similarly located in the Three Valleys skiing area, La Tania has lots of wide, gentle slopes which younger skiers would feel comfortable exploring.

A car-free resort and easy access to the slopes make the resort of La Tania easy, convenient and safe for boisterous children.

Friendly family restaurants and a picturesque woodland setting position La Tania as a ski resort to be enjoyed by all ages.

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The Perfect Family Accommodation

Once you’ve picked a resort for your family ski holiday, you need to think about where to stay.

The fantastic thing about a ski chalet, is that everything is on hand and there is enough space for large groups to relax in at the end of a long day on the slopes.

An Alpine Infusion luxury ski chalet is the perfect fit for families looking for something special. With everything from expert child-care, to freshly prepared meals taken care of, there’s plenty of opportunity to spend valuable quality time together as a family.

Committed to providing the highest quality, all-inclusive skiing experiences, a stay in one of  Alpine Infusion’s luxury ski chalets provides the perfect setting for an unforgettable family ski trip.

Will Chapman