Eco-friendly ski suits!

Now made from recycled plastic bottles

After an amazing first season, we sat down and asked ourselves how we could make our product even better. The key focus for us was to improve sustainability.

No one needs reminding of the issues facing the planet and the future of our children and we are at a stage where it is crucial to be mindful of our environmental impact.

So, over the summer, we decided to make some significant changes to our production process. Firstly we have removed all plastic from our packaging, and instead, we have found an innovative way to recycle old plastic bottles into fabric which is used to make our snow suits! We’ve managed to do this whilst retaining the warmth, waterproofing and comfort of our original suits. How awesome is that.

Scroll down for more details on how we did it.

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When we had one of our first meetings together in the early days of Dinoski we had an ambitious idea of designing animal and dinosaur themed ski suits for kids.

We also set down some key goals that we wanted to achieve for Dinoski. Thus far, we’re lucky enough we have ticked some of these off:

  • Create memorable characters that kids love - Check!

  • Sell over 1,000 suits in one season - Done!

  • Build enough traction to prepare for Season 2 - Tick! We just raised over £200k to expand Dinoski.

However, before these goals, we quickly agreed upon a uniting mission that Dinoski stands for and which acts as a guiding compass for us.

Our mission at Dinoski is to remind everyone how great the great outdoors really IS. 

We think about it a lot. We obsess over it.

We dream of our customers telling their friends not only about how great our ski suits are for their children but also of how we are helping the world in our small little way.

Our last Dino Bus tour was a reminder of our love for the great outdoors. We road tripped through the Alps in our converted American School bus and one particular moment that will remain in our hearts was when we parked the bus for the night and woke up to this stunning view .

Bus small.jpg

So, we kept revisiting the question … “What can we do at Dinoski to have a positive impact on the planet?” We want to channel our inner David Attenborough and turn our words into action.

So we went back to work with our production team in China on trying to make the ski suits more eco-friendly - see below pics of Matt, our Zoo Chief, with the production team!

We are stoked to say …

From this moment onwards, all of our ski suits will be made from recycled bottles!

22 bottles per suit to be exact! Don’t worry, the suits will still be as waterproof, comfortable and wild as ever.

The process of how we are able to make our ski suits out of recycled plastic bottles.

The process of how we are able to make our ski suits out of recycled plastic bottles.

Want to learn how we do this?

We have used FENC® TopGreen® Recycled PET Filament in order to retain the comfort of our Dinoski suits, embedding wicking, adaptive warming/cooling and water repellency into recycled plastic fibers.

How Roarsome is that!

This will equate to 22 plastic bottles per suit, which reduces oil consumption by 825g and CO2 by 1031g per suit!

By no means is this mission accomplished. There’s a lot further to go, so stay tuned for more updates on how we will keep making progress to be a business that positively impacts the world around us.

Will Chapman