Strike for climate

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On the same day as we launch our new range (this Friday) there is a global #ClimateStrike for the future of our planet.

The state of the planet's temperature, air and water is getting exponentially worse and the majority of the damage has been done in a single lifetime.

It is our collective responsibility to fix it.

If, like a few of the world's current leaders, you need convincing that action is needed, all of the worrying evidence is listed here and below.

To continue enjoying the great outdoors, we really really really need to protect it.

Unfortunately, in order to make this a priority, we need to put some pressure on the government to act now, in order to reduce and eventually reverse the negative effects of climate change.

Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

Click below to find out how to get involved.


Evidence that action is needed

CO2 Levels



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Ice Mass

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Sea Level

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Will Chapman