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Ski suit sizes, WaterProof Ratings, ECO-cREDENTIALS …

We met up on board The Dino Bus to answer all of your most frequently asked questions. Better yet, we did it in two different formats!

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Below are the different times that we answer each question:

0:28 - How waterproof are the ski suits?

0:55 - Is the hood on the ski suit detachable?

1:45 - Which size ski suit should I get for my child?

2:48 - Does water soak through the ski suit when my kid sits in the snow?

4:20 - What are the eco credentials of Dinoski?

6:20 - Is there a warranty on your products?

06:55 - Is the ski suit warm enough for my child?

07:27 - What does the ski suit feel like?

07:53 - Can my child try the ski suit before I buy it?

how waterproof are the ski suits?

If you want a long answer to this then check out blog post about ski suit waterproof ratings.

Shorter answer is that the suits are 10k waterproofing with 5k breathability.

All of the seams are taped so not even the stitch holes will let water through so we guarantee the little ones will stay dry all day.

IS the hood on the ski suit detachable?

Yes of course!

If you want to put the suit in the washing machine then you can unpopper the faux fur and if it’s a hot day then you can unzip the whole hood to remove it completely.

Don’t forget you can also resize the hood to fit a helmet or tighten it if you aren’t wearing one.

Which size ski suit should I get for my child?

First things first, if you haven’t seen our size guide you can check it out here.

We have designed the suits so that there is room to grow. The suits should last two seasons unless the child is growing super quickly.

We have a 14 day return policy if you wanted to try for size. If in doubt then we recommend buying one size up.

Both the spandex thumb mitts and the boot covers are elasticated so they help hold the shape even if the sleeves need to be rolled up.

If you’re skiing, the ski boots will stop the legs from dragging too so don’t worry too much about that.

Will WATER SOAK THROUGH the ski suit WHEN my kid will sit IN THE SNOW?

No definitely not!

The fabric has a 10k waterproof rating which essentially means that 10,000mm of water pressure is tested on the fabric without seeping through.

In other words you could stand in the shower in your suit and not get wet so sitting/playing in the snow is not a problem.

Could you tell us about your eco credentials?

All of our ski suits are now made from recycled bottles!

By using innovative technology, we can retain the comfort of our Dinoski suits, embedding wicking, adaptive warming/cooling and water repellency into recycled plastic fibers.

This will equate to 22 plastic bottles per suit, which reduces oil consumption by 825g and CO2 by 1031g per suit!.

We also only use eco-friendly dyes, and we ship everything by sea rather than air which used 10% of the CO2.

Sustainability is going to be a huge focus for us!

is there a warranty on your products?

There is a 14 day returns policy so if you don’t like the suit or it doesn’t fit, you can return the suit free of charge!

We also have a manufacturers warranty so if there is something wrong with the construction of the suit we will give you a full refund.

Is the ski suit warm enough for my child?

The insulation in our ski suits is made from a hollow cotton microfiber which means that you don’t need a huge amount of thickness to keep you warm.

We have used 100g insulation which has been tested down to temperatures of minus 12 with only one base layer.

Can my child try the ski suit before i buy it?

The best thing to do is to order a suit from our online store and if it doesn’t fit then you can send it straight back free of charge thanks to our 14 day free returns policy.

Alternatively, sign up to our newsletter and keep an eye out for announcements on pop up events around London with our Dino Bus, where you will be able to try or buy all of our new products.

Will Chapman