Roarsome Skiwear for Kids


OPENED: 3rd March 2018 CLOSES: 7th April 2018

Target: £500k

Round closes: June 2019

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We make animal themed winter wear for kids. 
Our dream is to become the number 1 kids adventure brand.

In 2017, we raised £150,000 pre seed to create the brand.
Since launching in October 2018, we’ve sold over 1,000 suits, stocked across 8 countries.

We are now looking for an EIS eligible £500,000 in return for 20% of our company Roarsome Ltd. 

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We truly believe that we can make this brand a huge global success. Help us make it happen and we promise it will be fun along the way.

Love from Will, Ed & Matt




Matt Martin
Zoo Chief

Matt has the experience of running a ski brand and is the point of contact for both production and sales.

As an engineer in a previous life, Matt handles all of the technical details of manufacturing. He is also the only one with an HGV license which makes him designated driver for the whole tour.


Will Chapman
King of the Wild

Directing the brand vision, Will handles the design and brings the creative flair.

Forever crafting away on his macbook, all marketing material and every Dinoski suit will have been sketched by his own suspiciously feminine hand.

Ed Lewis Pratt
Head of Adventures

Head of adventures means that Ed handles operations and detail. Dinoski events and the logistics of the tour itself will be largely masterminded by this man.

He looks over the team like a wise old owl and being an ex-rugby pro with a lovely beard also means he is very good at sweet-talking the mums.


the product

When we found out that themed kids skiwear did not exist we had to do something about it. 

We know how important it is to be able to easily spot your children on the slopes and we also know how much they love dressing up.

So, with safety and comfort front of mind, we designed the ultimate ski suits for children, aged 2-7 years old.

Our all-in-one, animal-themed ski-suits are waterproof and warm sprinkled with just the right amount of wild.

We worked with children’s illustrator Jane Foster to develop characters and story-lines for each suit in order to bring them to life.

We have 4 brand new characters ready to launch in 2019. Watch this space!


Target market

Throughout our customer research the same feedback kept cropping up, visibility on the slopes, 100% waterproof and ensuring that their kids were as safe as possible. We have taken every step to ensure that we give both the kids and the parents exactly what they want for an accessible price.

Our target market is parents with young children aged 2-7 years old. In year 1, we will focus on the UK and Europe, selling online via our own website, working with local retailers in resort and showcasing at industry trade fairs. Years 2 and 3 we plan to explore expansion into the US and the Far East.

Although we are primarily skiwear, we believe that we can also appeal to the enormous winter outerwear market.  

We have designed a premium product without the luxury price tag. We sit alongside North Face for price and quality BUT with the added benefit of looking like your favourite animal!

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 13.47.43.png
Dino Bus Small.jpg


Our initial range focuses on key characters including Spike, a green dinosaur with navy blue spiked detailing on the back and arms, as well as three white horns on top of the hood. Hop is a bunny-inspired suit in lilac which features rabbit ears and a bunny tail. Cub is a roarsome yellow lion to make any child feel like the king or queen of the slopes.

We are working with a number of awesome partners to gain access to existing communities of cool, young, affluent families. Already we have secured retail orders from Europe’s most prestigious resorts, as well as being highlighted as one of the ‘5 brands to watch this year’ in Childrenswear Buyer Magazine, one of the most influential publications for kids wear buyers in the UK.

With such a visual product, imagery and video shared for targeted social media campaigns will be key, always ensuring that we clearly portray the fun-loving personality of the brand which is hard for competitors to imitate. For this reason we have worked closely with the legends at Shred & Butta to buy and convert an American school bus, into a promotional vehicle / mobile shop which we will be taking on a ‘Roarsome Tour’ of the Alps in February 2019.

Influencer marketing will also be extremely effective, seeding product to mums / dads & children with big followings.

Next we will be working with distribution agents to gain exposure further afield and we will also have presence at the top industry trade fairs to provide access to the decision makers at top retailers.



We aim to follow similar business trajectory as Trunki (Sold 3m units in 100 countries since launching in 2006) and MorphSuits (Grew revenue from £1.2m in 2010 to £11m in 2012, resulting in a successful raise of £4.2m from BGF for a minority stake).

The founder of MorphSuits pins their success on two key business decisions. The first was to make the suit design distinct, with clear branding so that wearers doubled as mobile adverts and potential buyers could easily see where to get their own.

The second was to use social media to build the market, recognising that the product was highly visual and well suited to a medium for sharing and discussion.

We aim to follow suit (excuse the pun!).

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 13.58.25.png

The investment process

We are working with our lawyers to complete our fund raise. All committed funds will be paid to their account and held in escrow until subscription and shareholder agreements are finalised and signed by all parties. Once share certificates are allocated then the funds will be released into our account.

We qualify for the Enterprise Investment Scheme which gives investors reassurance that they can receive tax relief of 30% on any investment into DINOSKI and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exemption for any gains on their EIS shares. 

Shareholders will be kept up to date with ongoing progress of the business and if targets are hit, we plan to treat all shareholders to an annual Dinoski trip as a thank you for playing a crucial part in our launch.



Financial forecasts & marketing plan available on request