Harry mitchell thompson

magazine editor

Taking my 2 year old daughter Maggie away for her first snowboard trip was a big event in the Mitchell Thompson household, with so many things to think about and organise. Getting a ski suit she loved was essential for minimum holiday headache.

Having met the Dinoski guys at a winter trade show and seeing their incredible suits, I instantly knew Maggie would love their Spike outfit. Each morning she was SO excited to put Spike on for the day and plod around in the snow dressed as a dinosaur - it was an absolute saviour.

For this reason, I’ll be a Dinoski fan for life!
— Harry



snowboarding dad

Harry is a keen snowboarder and the editor of Boardsports SOURCE Magazine. We met him at the Telegraph Ski Show and saw him again as a panelist at Slide Actionsports trade show where we were up for the Fresh Brand 2019 award (our first ever award nomination!). He is well connected within the industry and a great person for us to turn to for feedback on all new products. His 2 year old daughter Maggie is also one of the cutest mini shredders to ever wear a Dinoski suit (see below). So much so that we have had to book her for our next photoshoot.