rob law

founder of trunki

Parents buy products but if kids fall in love with them you have a recipt for success. I love the the way Dinoski inject character into all their appeal, creating a strong bond with their little customers while their warm durable threads encourage staying out side exploring for longer.
— Rob



kids travel guru

We hounded Rob on email and Linkedin until he finally agreed to speak to us. We called it the ‘pincer movement’ where we basically gave him no other option but to arrange an initial phone call with us.

Trunki is one of the biggest kids travel brands in the world and we knew that he would be an awesome advisor for us. If you go to an airport today, most kids will be riding or dragging along one of Rob’s suitcases. They are one of the biggest brands to ever come out of Dragons Den without an offer and have since gone on to win more than 100 product and design awards, being stocked all over the world.

We use Rob as a soundboard for any business related problem and his experience will be hugely valuable as we grow.