Spike Ski Suit

Spike Ski Suit


Meet legendary Spike,
A green fearless beast,
Who roams the land way up high.

If you need a good friend
then Spike’s a good find,
The friendliest Dino we know.

With Spike at your side,
You'll be safe and strong.
The greatest creature on snow!

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How we keep you cosy

  • Waterproof fabric throughout

  • Fleece lined collar for extra comfort

  • Aquaguard zips to keep you dry

  • Insulation from head to toe

  • Spandex thumb mitts so your sleeves stay down and snow stays out

  • Internal elasticated boot cover lining so your toes stay cosy

How we keep you safe

  • Extra padding to protect against mini tumbles

  • Bright colours so you can always be seen

  • Waterproof pockets so your phone and map stays dry

  • Waterproof fabric and insulation throughout so the cold doesn't get in

  • High quality construction that you can rely on.

How we help mum & dad

  • Removable super soft faux fur trim for washing

  • Machine washable and tumble dry safe

  • Extra long front zip to help the suiting process and toilet breaks

  • Black thumb mitts and fleece collar to reduce need for washing

  • Secret pockets for mountain snacks

Spotted in the wild