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Roarsome Skiwear for Kids

Celebrating the great outdoors

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We thought that kid's ski suits & winter gear was boring. No matter the brand, all babies, toddlers & children look the same on the ski slopes. To us, that seemed silly as parents should be able to easily spot their children in the snow.

So what did we decide to do about it?

Kid's Animal Themed Skisuit


Our mission is to make more than just ski suits.

We want our customers feel like they are adding a new member of the family to their winter trips. We want kids to feel like their new ski suit is their best friend.

To bring our ski-suits to life, we recruited the help of children's illustrator Jane Foster and asked if she could create a character and storybook for each suit design which will be included with every order.




Our Original Ski Suit Designs

We needed an awesome winter wear product range with a simple but distinct design; a cross between a super hero and an animal but it shouldn't look like fancy dress.


We had never designed children's wear before, let alone toddler's ski wear. We had no money to employ a fashion designer / agency so what do we do?

We find a picture of Kanye West's kid in a ski suit and we colour it in.

DINOSKI is born.



meet the founders

Matt Martin

Matt Martin
zoo chief

Matt has the experience of running a ski brand and is the point of contact for both production and sales.

As an engineer in a previous life, Matt handles all of the technical details of manufacturing. He is also the only one with an HGV license which makes him designated driver for our ‘Roarsome Tour’.

Will Chapman

Will Chapman
king of the wild

Forever crafting something on his MacBook, Will handles the design and brings the creative flair.

Directing the brand vision, all marketing material and every Dinoski suit will have been sketched by his own suspiciously feminine hand.

Ed Lewis Pratt

Ed Lewis Pratt
head of adventures

Head of adventures means that Ed handles operations and detail. Dinoski events and the logistics of the ‘Roarsome Tour’ itself will be largely masterminded by this man.

He looks over the team like a wise old owl and being an ex-rugby pro with a lovely beard also means he is very good at sweet-talking the mums.

Founders of Dinoski