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Roarsome Skiwear for Kids

Born to be wild

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Celebrating the great outdoors

It’s getting harder and harder for parents to get kids outside.

The rising dependancy on mobile phones, video games and tv screens, is heavily linked to increasing levels of anxiety and depression and we are all well aware of the environmental concerns threatening our entire existence.

We thought that it was about time that somebody made it their mission to remind everyone how great the great outdoors really is. Because this planet is spectacular and we are all wild at heart. Because adventure still exists, and because there's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.



made for mini adventures

So, to embark on our mission "to remind everyone how great the great outdoors really is", the first question to ask oneself is "where do we start?"

As keen skiers, we noticed that all toddlers and children looked the same in helmets and goggles and that there were no stand out brands, despite the fact that parents want to easily spot their kids on the slopes.

That was it. The gap in the market: Themed adventure wear for kids.

We needed an awesome winter wear product range with a simple but distinct design; a cross between a super hero and an animal but it shouldn't look like fancy dress. We had never designed children's wear before, let alone toddler's ski wear. We had no money to employ a fashion designer / agency so what do we do?

We find a picture of Kanye West's kid in a ski suit and we colour it in.


encourage imagination

As we developed the concept, we wanted our customers to feel like they were adding a new member of the family to their winter trips. We wanted kids to feel like their new ski suit was their best friend.

To bring our ski-suits to life, we recruited the help of children's illustrator Jane Foster and asked if she could create a character and mini storybook for each suit which will be included with every order.

We hope that you love them as much as we do!


save the planet

No one needs reminding of the issues facing the planet, jeopardising the futures of our children. We are at a stage where it is crucial to be sustainable and mindful of our environmental impact so we have worked super hard with our suppliers to ensure that our suits are eco friendly.

We are so proud to say that all of our snow suits are made from recycled plastic bottles!

We have managed to retain the comfort of our Dinoski suits, embedding wicking, adaptive warming/cooling and water repellency into the recycled plastic fibers. This will equate to 22 plastic bottles per suit, which reduces oil consumption by 825g and CO2 by 1031g per suit! By no means is this mission accomplished. There’s a lot further to go, so stay tuned for more updates on how we will keep making progress to be a business that positively impacts the world around us.


meet the founders


Will C

King of the Wild
Design/Creative Vision


Matt M

Zoo Chief



Head of Adventures

Thanks so much for your interest in Dinoski and for taking the time to visit our website. We’re trying our best to remind people of their love for the great outdoors, by building the best children’s adventure brand on the planet. If you like what we are doing then we would be so so grateful if you could tell your friends about us. If you have any questions at all then have a watch of our FAQ video or feel free to drop us an email which we will respond to personally:

Adventures Await.

Love from Team Dino x

How it all began

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